Gulnara Toktoshova
Novosibirsk, RU

Bio: Hello and welcome! I am originally from Siberia, Russia but living in Wellington, New Zealand. After four years of blogging and non-blogging (because we all have those lazy days), I decided to revive my little blog and write about the things I love the most - healthy lifestyle and travel. I am an office worker during the day, cats lover at home, economics graduate and a nomad deep inside. In love with languages and different cultures, I aspire to go and see as many places as I can on a budget. I share my knowledge, perspectives and experience hoping it might be useful for someone who is off to discover our amazing planet Earth. Because I do not travel full-time (though I wish!) I have another full-time passion - healthy living. It all started when I discovered a food intolerance causing terrible acne, so I have learned the hard way. Now, I love my veggies, enjoy the exercise and yearn when sharing my stories makes people go "really???". So I will spam about it too 😛 Enjoy the read 🙂

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